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Apply A Realistic Tattoo

Ever wondered how you would look with a pink dinosaur tattooed across your belly? In this tutorial you will learn how to apply this or any other tattoo in just a few easy steps.
The image I chose is a vector from a free set on deviantART provided by member ‘tariqelamine’. But you can use any image you like.
Place the image on your body, you may want to adjust it using the warp tool if you want it to match the shape of the body.
If you want to add some colour to your tattoo just create a new layer beneath it and paint some in. It doent matter if the tattoo is coloured or just black, the following steps will be the same.
Merge your tattoo layers, then with this layer selected go: Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.
How much you blur it depends on the resolution of your image. My image was fairly small, so I blurred it to 0.5 pixels.
Reduce the opacity of the tattoo layer to 80%, then duplicate it.
Finally select the top tattoo layer, and change its blending mode to Color, then select the bottom tattoo layer, and change it blending mode to Overlay.
And that’s it!
I also added some birds using exactly the same process as before.
Your layers panel should end up looking like the one below.
Thanks for reading!