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Perfect Sepia in 60 seconds

In this tutorial you will learn how to give your photo a beautifully  atmospheric, vintage look in a few very quick and easy steps.
1. First desaturate the image.
Go Adjustments > Desaturate
2. Now we will create two Solid Color adjustment layers. Click on the adjustment layer button at the bottom of the layers panel and select Solid Color.
3. The colour for the first Solid Color layer is 272521. Click OK.
4. Now change it’s blending mode to Lighten.
5. Next create the second Solid Color layer using the colour ddddbf. Click OK.
6. Change the channel to Overlay, and reduce its opacity to 50%. (And make sure this layer is below the previous layer!)
7. And we’re done!
TIP: Why not give your image a more vintage look by adding a grain layer. Simply create a new layer and fill it with grey.
Go Filter > Noise > Add noise
Set the amount to 100% then change the channel to Overlay, and reduce its opacity to around 15%.
The result:
Try boosting the sepia effect by adding some Gradient adjustment layers using the same colour and blending settings as before:
Here are some more examples of this sepia effect being applied to images:
So try it out!