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Photoshop sketch effect

Here, I will show you how to very easily turn any picture into a sketch in Adobe Photoshop.
I somehow happened to spare myself some time from Trickvilla. Aimlessly surfing on Facebook,  I noticed that I had not updated my profile picture for quite a long time now.
Wondering what to upload next, I opened up my Adobe Photoshop CS5 and gave my current profile pic a new look by“sketching” it, virtually.
Have a look on how to do it:
  1. Open up an image in Photoshop
    hilary duff 1 200x300 Photoshop sketch effect 
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+U to de-saturate it.
    hilary duff 2 200x300 Photoshop sketch effect 
    1. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate your original layer.
      hilary duff 3 230x300 Photoshop sketch effect 
    2. Select your duplicate layer & press Ctrl+I to invert colors of your image.
      hilary duff 4 200x300 Photoshop sketch effect 
    3. Change the color mode of you duplicate layer to color dodge
      hilary duff 5 229x300 Photoshop sketch effect 
    4. Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Keep trying different values for  radius to obtain a better sketch.
      My preferred radius:7.0
      hilary duff 6 234x300 Photoshop sketch effect

    5. Save your new sketch version of the image. icon wink Photoshop sketch effect
      hilary duff 7 200x300 Photoshop sketch effect